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We specialize in helping your family through life

changes or transitions.  We will assess the home setting and recommend Safety, Home Care, and Security improvements that fit your family's needs and budget. 


We will be caring and creative in how we approach each home setting.  For many we may provide welfare checks as a  bridge to a long-term care solution.  For others we may assess the home and make preventative safety improvements.  Some may only need us to make  improvements make keeping the cherished family pet possible. 


  • Identify Home Safety Improvements 

  • Install Medical Alert Equipment  

  • Radon, Asbestos, Mold Testing

  • Install Safety Equipment

    • hand rails​

    • steps/ramps

    • motion night lights

    • shower modifications

    • lifts

    • Pet fencing and doors


  • Food Delivery

  • Nom Medical Welfare Checks

  • Companionship Visits

  • Cleaning Projects

  • Pet Assistance

  • Medication & Food Delivery

  • Lawn Care and Snow Removal



  • Security System Install

  • Video Camera Install

  • Personal Property Inventories

  • Exterior Lighting

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